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“When home brewing wine why use juice from the supermarket?

Surely fresh fruit is better?

I can hear the above comments echoing from the distant past.

Newcomers to this dark art could be lulled into thinking how much purer it is to start with a freshly picked apple or plum.


Fair enough, but consider these arguments.

Have you got a fruit press – not cheap?

Have you got access to the finest quality fruit?

A punnet of raspberries at 2 for £3 from the supermarket is enough to make about half a pint of wine. A litre of apple and raspberry juice costs less than £1 and will make 4 times as much wine.

I will submit some recipes over time for you to try. However this is just to entice you into the idea of using cheap products to produce great alcoholic beverages.

My daughter has just left having tasted my grape (juice) and blackberry (ok they are free this time of year so don’t count)  Her comment – that tastes like “real” wine not “homemade”.

If you look at the back of any wine bottle there will be phrases such as “a hint of – insert various fruits here – and “a peppery taste”.

Grapes used for making wine will be made from grapes grown in different regions with different soil types etc. This gives the flavour variations.

Grape juice – in the main – will be concentrated, shipped and then re hydrated with local water.

As any beer affecionado will tell you Burton beers are different from London beers because of the water.

We can vary the “subtle hints” by mixing grape juice with other fruit juice.

Also there are alcopops and adult alcopops! We can make adult alcopops. Juices that we may not consider making “wine” out of mix well with Baccardi & Malibu. Mango and Cranberry respectively.

Brew a “wine” from either then purchase a bottle of the spirit and mix – sip not gulp! Or add lemonade.

Hint – Aldi sells cheap white rum and white rum with coconut spirit.

I hope this has whetted your appetite for using juices.

I gave up making my own wine well over 20 years ago because I no longer had the space for 5 gallon vessels. Pat Mack has  re ignited my passion. Not only because of the suggestion that you can make 2 or 3 litres at a time but also because fruit juices are now common place. This makes the process so much more reliable.

I hope this inspires some to go beyond beer and cider good as they are.




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