Spiced Apple Mead Home Brewing Recipe

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Shifty’s Spiced Apple Mead Recipe

Thanks to Pete Barker for this great variation on an old classic apple mead recipe!

To make 2 litres

You will need:
1 jar of Honey ( value is fine)
1 litre of Apple juice (again value is OK)
1/2 a cup of dark muscovado sugar
About 6 whole cloves
1 Cinnamon stick
A pinch of Coriander
40-60 Yeast “balls”

1. Dissolve the sugar and honey in half a litre of boiling water.
2. Pour the Apple juice into a clean 2 litre pop bottle.
3. Add the Cloves, Coriander and Cinnamon.
4. Carefully pour in the sugar and honey syrup from step 1.
5. Top up with cold water.
6. Add the yeast.
7. Seal with a Home Brewing Cap
8. Place somewhere warm to ferment for a couple of weeks.
9. Strain into a new bottle – try not to disturb the sediment.
10. Put somewhere cold to clear for a couple of days.
11. Enjoy hot or cold.

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