Mega Caps


Here at Home Brewing Caps we are very excited to introduce a new upgraded version of the original Home Brewing Cap. There have been lots of people asking about it and I’m pleased to say that it’s finally ready.


“I call this new home brewing cap The Mega Cap”

Home Brewing Mega Cap

It takes Nano brewing to the next level allowing you to brew with the same methodological simplicity that the original Home Brewing Cap offers but now on a larger scale.

The Mega Cap is designed to fit on the very common 5 Litre water bottles that can be found in most supermarkets and grocery stores.

Home Brew 5L Water Bottle


It offers all of the same benefits as the original home brewing caps such as:

– A simple one step brewing process

– Small scale brewing that doesn’t take up lots of space

– Very low cost

– Great for testing out new ideas and different brewing recipes etc

It has the added bonus of allowing all of this to take place in a 5 Litre bottle instead of the normal 2 Litre bottles meaning you can get over twice as much drink brewed with the same ease and simplicity  as the original home brewing cap.


Because this is a very new product we only have a very limited supply at the moment so if you are interested in testing out the Mega Cap just click below to get yours now.


home brewing kits

The Mega Cap Specification:


– The Mega Cap will fit onto 5 Litre Water Bottles with a bottle neck size of 43mm (the actual rim measurement of the bottle neck is 42.4mm but the industry rounds this up to 43mm)

– After rigorous testing it has been proven that the Mega Cap can hold enough pressure to carbonate your brew during fermentation whilst simultaneously regulating the pressure, keeping well within the water bottles pressure toleration limits.

home brew diagram
– You may have read that water bottles are not designed to withstand pressure. Well the Mega Cap has been designed with this in mind and it successfully accommodates this issue.

– For more information on what is included with the Pat Mack’s Mega Caps Brew kit click here.



*Special Note: A new 5 litre water bottle is now on the market that won’t work with the Mega Caps. The 5 litre bottle that you want is the square based 5 litre water bottle as opposed to the round based newer 5 litre water bottles.*

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