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“Even 5 PM caps is not enough to keep on top if you are making wine because of the length of time it takes to ferment then mature. However the PM caps are only neededĀ  for a short part of this process unless you want fizzy wine.

Whilst fermenting a layer of carbon dioxide protects the brew and whilst maturing a normal cap will protect. It is the bit when you are refrigerating and adding a camden tablet where the PM cap is needed to prevent unwanted visitors adding body to your wine. The PM cap will then protect the wine and prevent the bottle exploding.

For the fermenting stage cover the bottle with a piece of plastic (carrier bag cut up is perfect) secured with an elastic band below the thread. leave some loose plastic which will fill with the carbon dioxide while fermenting and start to deflate when fermentation is complete.

Then add a camden tablet and put in the fridge with the PM cap on. After a couple of days pour or syphon the wine off the sediment and replace the PM cap. Leave the PM cap on for a few days with the bottle where you would normally store it to ensure fermentation has stopped and replace the PM cap with a normal cap and allow it to mature.

Tony B”

Some good advice there Tony, thanks for that. Tony has been making some great tasting refreshing white wines using fruit juicesĀ  from Aldi and some homebrew wine made from real fruit too. I look forward to hearing more great tips and recipe ideas.

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