Homebrew Calculator

Homebrew Calculator

Here’s a simple Homebrew Calculator for helping you to work out how much sugar is needed in the fermentation of your homebrew beverage.

** The level of sugar that the homebrew calculator gives also includes any sugar that is already present in the juice you are brewing with. For example, if it says you need to brew with 250 grams of sugar and there’s already 100 grams of sugar in the juice then you only need to add 150 grams. **

You can also see a rough estimate of how many days it will take for your homebrewed drink to reach your desired alcohol strength.

To use the homebrew calculator simply click the “click to edit” button at the top of the spread sheet and then enter your homebrew Bottle Size (litres) and your desired alcohol strength % (between 0 and 22). After entering in your homebrew bottle size and your desired alcohol strength the amount of sugar needed for your homebrew will be automatically calculated and the fermentation time will be displayed underneath.

Three measures of sugar will be displayed allowing for you to choose whether you want your drink to be Sweet, Medium or Dry in taste. Remember, these measures are only a rough guide and I recommend testing all the variations to see what is it you personally like best.


(homebrew calulator should appear above, it may take a few seconds to load)

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