How to Make Cider

How to Make Cider


how to make cider

What you will need:

– A Home Brewing Cap
– 100 grams of Sugar
– 2 litres of Apple Juice
– Brewers Yeast
– An empty plastic drinks bottle




How to Make Cider

– Add 100 grams of sugar (use brewing sugar if you have it, although any sugar will do) to any ordinary apple juice. You don’t need expensive apple juice to learn how to make cider. I use relatively cheap apple juice for most of my cider making.

*Cheap “non-pressed” apple juice tends to make clearer, better tasting cider but always remember to check that there are no preservatives contained in the juice as these could prevent the brew from beginning fermentation. You may prefer a more expensive pressed apple juice but you will only know this after experimenting and getting some experience first. For your first lesson in how to make cider i recommend using cheap apple juice.

– Stir the mixture until the sugar has dissolved and pour the home brew mixture into an empty clean 2 litre plastic carbonated drinks bottle leaving a 3cm space at the top.

*(Any size bottle will work with your home brewing as the home brew caps will fit on all standard sized bottle necks)

– Add 15 – 30 “yeast balls” or add more if you want a slightly faster fermentation. This is about an eighth of a teaspoon.

– Screw on the Pat Mack’s Home brewing Cap and place the bottle somewhere warm and out of direct sunlight for 3 – 5 days. When ready, place the bottles in the fridge to clarify for another day or two and then drink.

how to make cider

A cloudy scrumpy cider made from pressed apple juice

And that’s how to make cider, the easy home brewing caps way!

I recommend checking on your brew each day to make sure it’s fermenting. Just check that bubbles are rising to the top of the bottle and check that the bottle feels firm when squeezed. You may want to gently put a pin into the slit of the home brewing cap to check that pressure is being released from the bottle. If you hear a hissing sound then all is fine.

Congratulations on learning how to make cider!



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The guide comes in the form of an eBook .pdf file that can be viewed on Adobe reader. It contains some great home brewing instructions and insights as well as an additional home brew recipe guide. You’ve already learned how to make cider but how about how to make mulled cider? Or a great mulled wine recipe? There’s plenty of brewing recipes for you to try and we’re adding more all the time.

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