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how to home brew wine

How to home brew Wine (Red and White)

Wine can be brewed in much the same way as Cider. Here’s a simple Recipe i use to brew wine with some additional home brewing instructions:

– Fill an empty bottle with either regular grape juice or white grape juice and add 2 cups of sugar (white table sugar is good).

– Add an eighth of a teaspoon of Pat Mack’s Premium Brewer’s yeast and place your home brewing cap on to the bottle.

– Shake to mix the yeast in and continue with the process the same way as in the cider example here.

If you want a wine that is not carbonated then all you need to do is loosen the brewing cap by a couple of rotations.

– Wine will take a little longer to ferment so you should leave this for about a week. When it’s reached the desired alcohol strength you will want to put the bottle into the fridge to prevent further fermentation. You could add a camden tablet to guarantee fermentation has stopped but this isn’t absolutely necessary.

– Once the wine has been refrigerated you will notice that it begins to become clearer. This clarification process will continue the longer you leave the homebrew in the fridge. You will also find that the longer you leave the wine to clarify the nicer it will taste as the aging process enables the flavours to mature.

*Note: White grape juice is sometimes difficult to ferment so it may take a couple of tries, if it doesn’t brew the first time simply add a little more yeast or some yeast from an already fermenting brew.*


More Home brew recipes

More recipes can be found in my “Pat Mack’s Home brewing Caps Instructions and Recipe Guide” which can be downloaded absolutely free right here.

The guide comes in the form of an eBook .pdf file that can be viewed on Adobe reader. It contains some great home brewing instructions and insights as well as an additional homebrew recipe guide.

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