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Home Brewing On a Tight Budget: £15 worth of Home Brew Recipes


I personally love how easy Home Brewing is when you keep things nice and simple. I thought I’d see if I could put my minimalist approach to Home Brewing to the test and fire through some tried and tested Home Brew Recipes along with some adventurous new ones!

So whilst I was feeling quite thirsty I headed out to the local supermarket to buy as many juices as I could for all the loose change I had in my pocket.

I only had £15 and I wanted to get enough fruit juices for at least 5 different Home Brew Recipes making about 10 litres of alcoholic drinks overall. I was going to have to bargain hunt for my fruit juices!

Merlot Red Grape Wine Home BrewLuckily the 1st juice i came across was on special offer. It was a nice Merlot Grape Juice from Waitrose supermarket, 3 for £4. It’s fancy stuff and makes an incredible Merlot Red Wine. I only wanted 1 litre though so I spent £1.85… not a good start given my tight budget, but it is delicious!

With 1 litre of high quality grape juice and £13.15 left I moved on to my next supermarket.

Next was ASDA supermarket. This is probably the best value supermarket around in the UK. I bought every other fruit juice on my list in this place.

I started with another red grape juice (I’m really into my red wine brewing at the moment). It’s a grape juice from ASDA’s Chosen by You range and costs £1 for 1 litre.
3rd on the list was a Ribena Strawberry juice £2 for 2 litres. I’ve haven’t tried brewing this before but I liked the idea of a strawberry cider.

Following this was an Ocean Spray Blue Berry juice which was £1 for 1 litre so I bought a couple litres of that. I was now down to £8.15. I found a White Grape Juice drink for £1 a litre and a Lemon and Lime drink for the same price. I bought 4 litres of these and still had some change to play with. I’d reached my 10 litre target easily but threw in a couple bottles of Copella Apple & Mango juice anyway.

And just when i thought i was finished… ASDA’s own brand Apple Juice jumped out at me. At 65p a litre i couldn’t turn it down!

This brought my overall home brew juices cost to £14.15. For a whopping 13 litres!

Let’s see how the Home Brew Recipes played out:

Hard Apple Cider

ASDA’s Own Brand Apple Juice:

Cost: 65p / litre
Sugar Content: 114 grams / litre
Potential Alcohol Level: 6%
Fermenting Time: 4 to 5 days
Taste: Although it’s a brew made from a very cheap juice it actually produces a bright crisp cider that clears very well and has an extraordinary carbonation level. It’s like some kind of hybrid between Cider and Champagne. Overall it’s a great bubbly treat.


Blue Berry Home Brew

Ocean Spray Blue Berry Juice:

Cost: £1 / Litre
Sugar Content: 106 grams / litre
Potential Alcohol Level: 5.5 – 6%
Fermenting Time: 4 to 5 days
Taste: I have yet to taste this one as I expect it would benefit from a small additional maturing period. My guess from the smell of it is that it will taste magnificent. I’m questioning whether or not to keep it as a carbonated drink or to let the pressure release and have the drink as a smooth non carbonated drink.

White Grape Juice Sparkling wine home brew

Pressed White Grape Juice:

Cost: £1 / Litre
Sugar Content: 172 grams / litre
Potential Alcohol Level: 10.5%
Fermenting Time: 7 to 8 days
Taste: This is another one that I have yet to test. I know that this home brew will definitely benefit from a maturation period of a couple of weeks. It smells great and has begun to clear already. I will allow the brew to clear to perfection on it’s own and within a couple of weeks we can pretty much guarantee that it will be virtually sugar free (almost no residual sugars) and completely carbonated. I’m excited to try this particular brand because generally my sparkling white wines come out very well indeed.

Home Brew Lemon and Lime

Lemon and Lime Juice:

Cost: £1 / litre
Sugar Content: 95 grams / litre
Potential Alcohol Level: 5.5%
Fermenting Time: 4 to 5 days
Taste: I was very surprised by this juice. Firstly I didn’t expect it to be such a simple fermentation. Acidic juices like lemons and limes are often troublesome but this particular juice was a breeze! The taste was wonderful too. It retained it’s fruity zing and with it’s wonderful tangy flavour accompanied by it’s fizziness you almost forget about it’s alcohol content. The only reminder of the alcohol is the gentle smiley buzz you get after your second or third glass.


Strawberry Cider home brew

Ribena Strawberry Juice:

Cost: £1 / litre
Sugar Content: 109 grams / litre
Potential Alcohol Level: 6%
Fermenting Time: 5 days
Taste: I had personally never tried Ribena Strawberry Juice before this brew but I think this has a strong future in my brewing cupboard. I’m a fan of strawberries so i had high hopes for this brew and it didn’t disappoint. It’s classic strawberry flavour briefly lingers pleasantly after each sip. Again this brew may be more suited in a non carbonated form although either way it’s a home brew worth trying.

Merlot wine from grape juice

Merlot Grape Juice:

Cost: £1.33 / litre
Sugar Content: 154 grams / litre
Potential Alcohol Level: 10%
Fermenting Time: 7 to 8 days
Taste: This is an old favourite of mine. The only negative about brewing red wines is the necessity to wait a few months for the brew to mature. However the benefits from maturing the wine are enormous. Without the maturation period it will taste like a very nice alcoholic grape juice. With the extra few months it tastes like a very nice, deep, full bodied red wine. You also have the option of adding a few Oak Chips to give the wine the “aged in an oak barrel” flavour. This actually works really well so if you have an extra £2 I recommend buying some oak chips. £2 would cover over 20 litres of wine so it’s a small additional cost and it’s benefits are well worth it.

apple and mango home brew

Copella Apple & Mango Juice:

Cost: £1 / litre
Sugar Content: 116 grams / litre
Potential Alcohol Level: 6 – 6.5%
Fermenting Time: 5 to 6 days
Taste: To be honest this is a strange one. The flavour is fine but the texture is the issue. You have the option to remove the pulp from this drink. I’m not sure which i prefer. With the added body the brew has a good level of viscosity. The overall mouth feel is pleasant and the flavour are good but it’s probably best to remove the carbonation. On the other hand it’s possible to let this home brew clear and the pulp settles out to the bottom. You then get a much thinner drink which would taste quite good in it’s carbonated form. I guess that could be seen as a benefit but my mind isn’t made up yet on which style I prefer this Home Brew to be.

Red Grape Juice Home Brew Wine

Red Grape Juice:

Cost: £1 / litre
Sugar Content: 165 grams / litre
Potential Alcohol Level: 10.5%
Fermenting Time: 7 to 8 days
Taste: Another brew that I’ve let mature before drinking. I’ve had a quick taste and it’s coming along very nicely. I won’t be able to fully ascertain the subtle intricacies of this home brew wine’s flavours until a few months time but from the brief taste I had I can tell that it’s going to be a very tasty brew.


So for £15 I managed to make 13 litres of great tasting home brewed drinks. That works out at less than 30p a glass!


home brew fruit juices


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Choose an easy Home brew for your first attempt: Learn How to Make Cider

I have a little bit of quick advice. Home brewing should probably be considered more of an art than a science so don’t be disheartened if your first attempt doesn’t come out perfectly. Although it is possible to make a great home brew on your first attempt you will find the quality of your home brewing will get even better as you gain more experience. Your ability to put great flavours together will improve over time.

I suggest simply beginning with how to make Cider for your first attempt as not much can go wrong when you home brew cider. After getting some experience i recommend moving on to attempting to home brew your own craft beer or trying a mulled wine recipe. When you’ve gained even more experience you can even try inventing your own homebrew recipes. Like our Elderberry Champagne recipe for instance!


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