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A Simple Mulled Wine Recipe

For this Mulled Wine Recipe you can use either a store bought red wine or one of your own home brewed red wines. If opting for your home brewed red wine I recommend using one that has aged for at least 6 months. A younger wine than this will not usually make for a spectacular mulled wine. The aging process will help with the development of the deep intricate flavours that will inevitably become amplified during the mulling of the wine. I’d recommend using a dry cabernet sauvignon, but a merlot can be used if preferred.
Also i recommend you avoid using an aluminium saucepan if possible as this can impart unwanted subtle metallic flavours onto the mulled wine.

Here’s what you will need for your Mulled Wine Recipe:

· 1 bottle of red wine
· ½ pint of water,
· 100 grams of brown sugar (4 oz),
· 1 orange,
· 1 lemon,
· 4 cloves,
· 1 cinnamon stick.

The Mulled Wine Recipe Process:

1) Thinly slice the orange and the lemon and pour the 1/2 pint of water into a pan and add the sugar and the spices.

2) Heat until the mixture is boiling and then remove the pan from the hob.

3) Now stir in the lemon slices.

Let the brew cool off for about ten minutes.

4) Add the wine, and heat up the mixture but this time do not bring to the boil. When your mulled wine is hot enough, take it off the heat again and strain it into a heated bowl.

Serve into mugs (wine glasses are likely to crack – or worse, explode – because of the heat) and add a slice of orange to each portion.

*It’s important to avoid boiling the mixture once the wine has been added. If the mulled wine gets too hot the alcohol will start to evaporate and the flavour profile of the drink will begin to change. You want to keep as much flavour and alcohol in tact as possible so gently heat the mulled wine once you get to step 4).

A More Advanced Mulled Wine Recipe

– 2 Bottles of Red wine (A dark red is best. Such as a Bilberry wine, a Damson, or a black plum or blackcurrant. Country wines with plenty of tannin work well)
– Four small oranges
– 1 Large lemon
– 100 grams of Brown Sugar (4 oz)
– 12 Cloves
– 2 sticks of Cinnamon

Mulled Wine Recipe Advanced Steps

1) Cut 4 small openings into 3 of the small oranges and insert a clove into each opening,
2) Grate the peel from one of the oranges and squeeze the juice into a cup
3) Grate the peel from the lemon and squeeze the juice into the same cup that contains the orange juice.
4) Add the grated orange & lemon peel and the three small oranges to into a pan
5) Add the Cinnamon sticks. (and optionally other spices such as Aniseed & Fennel)
6) Pour the bottles of wine into a pan and warm to about 60C (140F) *Do Not Boil*
7) If possible warm the mugs/glasses that are to be used
8) Add the orange & lemon juice
9) Add sugar or honey to taste, stiring while adding
10) Heat for 10 minutes making sure all the sugar has dissolved. Taste to see if the mulled wine is sweet enough, then serve.

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