Hard Cider Scrumpy – How to make cider

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Hard Cider Scrumpy – How to make cider

Scrumpy, or hard cider as our American friends like to call it, is a great advancement from the old days when drinking plain old regular apple juice was the cool thing to do.

Luckily for us, a long time ago, somewhere somehow one of our great ancestors discovered that leaving apple juice to ferment in its own natural yeast gave it an interesting kick, followed by an all too common thumping hang over.

Well we’ve come a long way since then. We no longer let our fruit rot just to get a kick out of drinking it’s gooey remains. We’ve actually mastered the process of how to make cider!

If our friend from all those years ago had only followed our rules instead of drinking rotten fruits then they probably would have avoided many of those really nasty hang overs.

So here’s my caveman’s guide to making scrumpy cider in my cleverly titled article..
“How to make Hard Cider: A quick guide to Homebrew Scrumpy”


Scrumpy: How to make Hard Cider ( alcoholic cider )

So as we know making cider is so easy you could probably do it by accident. But making good quality Hard Cider takes a little more foresight (not too much though!).

The great thing is that not much home brewing knowledge is required to home brew hard cider (scrumpy) to a good standard, but for those of you who don’t know here’s how we do it:


1) First I take an empty plastic fizzy drinks bottle (soda bottle for all you lovely Americans reading) and I make sure that it is perfectly clean inside. I then fill it with apple juice and about 100 grams of sugar*.

2) Now I add my brewer’s yeast. I use about 1/4 of a gram of yeast. It would be foolish for me to try to measure that out on scales so instead I just take a pinch of yeast (literally a pinch with your fingers, not a special pinching device) and put it in the bottle.

3) Finally I put on my Home Brewing Cap. This cap allows the drink to carbonate whilst simultaneously releasing just enough pressure in the bottle to prevent a home brew explosion! It also doubles up as a great preventative measure against any outside contamination that would ruin most people’s home brew scrumpy.

*(Different sugar amounts will produce different alcohol strengths in the hard cider, I’ve made a little calculator for you here)*


So it seems my method for how to make cider can be repeated quite easily. You just need some juice, a little sugar, a Home Brewing Cap and some brewer’s yeast and you’ll be making great tasting Hard Scrumpy Cider in no time.


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