About Pat Mack’s Home brew Caps


Being independent and self sufficient has always been an ambition of mine. This was true for all areas of my life and home brewing my own alcohol was no different. I wanted to be able to home brew any kind of alcohol i desired. If i wanted to home brew my own cider or wine or even mead (a honey based alcoholic drink) then i wanted the ability to do so.

But unfortunately home brewing was a little bit more complicated than i had initially thought. To home brew my own beer or to brew my own cider or wine at home wasn’t very easy when i first started. You needed extensive brewing kits and expensive and time consuming procedures for making even a simple batch of cider. If i wanted to make beer or wine it was even more time consuming and expensive. And to top it all off the end product wasn’t very good. Now the chances are that i just wasn’t doing it right or i needed a little more practice before i could home brew a great tasting batch of beer, but i knew there had to be an easier way.

home brew beerSo to cut a long story short I set about designing and manufacturing the Pat Mack’s Home brewing Cap. A simple home brew kit that consists of a regular sized bottle cap with a specially designed in-built pressure disk. This is placed on an ordinary (emptied and cleaned) fizzy drinks/soda bottle. You fill the soda bottle with a juice/liquid that you would like to turn into alcohol. I like to use apple juice. You then add a cup of sugar and put in a tiny tiny amount of Pat Mack’s Premium Home brewing Yeast (which is included in packs) and then tighten the cap on top. You wait 2-7 days depending on how strong you want your drink to be and you’re finished! Easy!

To see a couple of home brew videos and get some recipe ideas take a look here.

If you’re considering buying a Pat Mack Home brewing Caps home brew kit then check out what’s on offer here.

They also make great gifts for both beginner brewers and seasoned brewers. If you have any questions feel free to contact me through the website or by email at admin@homebrewingcaps.com.

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