Brewing Process – How to Brew

Brewing Process – How to Brew with your Home brewing Caps.


Brewing Process - How to Brew

The Brewing Process can sometimes be a time consuming, arduous task. It seems it’s only fun for those of us who know the secret of how to brew well. It just isn’t worth all that effort if your drinks don’t taste nice at the end of the brewing process.

So to cut a long story short I set about designing and manufacturing what are now known as Home Brewing Caps. An incredibly simple home brewing kit that consists of a regular sized soda bottle cap with a specially designed in-built pressure disc.

The home brew cap fits onto almost all standard sized fizzy drinks bottles and they are reusable and made from the highest quality materials so they will last decades. The greatest thing about them is their simplicity and how they simplify the brewing process. This is how you use them:

Home Brewing Caps Brewing Process – How to Home brew

Step 1) Choose your favourite fruit juice.

Step 2) Add between 50 – 200 grams of sugar to the juice and pour the mixture into a clean empty plastic drinks bottle.

Step 3) Add a tiny pinch of Brewing Yeast and then tighten your Home Brewing Bap onto the bottle.

The Home brewing cap will keep contaminants out of your drink and prevent it from spoiling. It will also allow the precise measured amount of pressure out of the bottle to stop it from exploding but allowing for your drink to remain fizzy and carbonated.

Step 4) You then put the bottle somewhere out of the way and out of direct sunlight and wait 2-14 days (depending on how strong you want your home brew drink to be) and then you’re finished! Easy!

The brewing process is literally this simple.

And the results are amazing. I’ve used this brewing process to brew everything from 4% strength beer to 7% cider to 12% wine. You can brew to a wide range of alcoholic strengths from 0.5% up to around 20%.

I’ve even brewed a special Spicy Apple liquor to a strength of 22%. I’ve managed to turn everyone who’s tried my beer, cider and wine off of the commercial products and onto making their own!

Here is a rough time-line of how strong your home brew will get during the brewing process:

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