Home Brew Recipes

Home Brew Recipes

Send in and comment on your strange and exotic personal brewers recipes and home brewing achievements. Maybe you have a great Ginger Beer Recipe or Mulled Wine Recipe or a nice Mulled Cider. Or perhaps you’re even more exotic and went for a Elderflower Champagne Recipe.

Whatever your home brew idea whether it’s how to make cider or if it’s a more elaborate craft beer process just send in your brewing recipe and I will add it to the list of home brew recipes. Feel free to comment on and add improvements to each recipe, there are no correct answers here so anything goes!

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Home Brew Beer Recipe: Bitter

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Home Brew Beer Recipe: Daily Drinker/ House Bitter

Thanks to Steven for this lovely home brew beer recipe!

1.5 kg Muntons Hopped Light Liquid Malt Extract warmed and stirred into 4 Liters warm water.

Add 2 liters of cold water and keep stirring. Add some ice cubes until you get close to pitching temperature and add the packet of yeast.

Now pour into (4) 2 Liter bottles with a funnel and screw on the Pat Mack’s Home brewing Caps.


Yields: 8 liters= 5.4% ABV; 10 liters= 4.3% ABV: 12 liters= 3.6% ABV

Spiced Apple Mead Home Brewing Recipe

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Shifty’s Spiced Apple Mead Recipe

Thanks to Pete Barker for this great variation on an old classic apple mead recipe!

To make 2 litres

You will need:
1 jar of Honey ( value is fine)
1 litre of Apple juice (again value is OK)
1/2 a cup of dark muscovado sugar
About 6 whole cloves
1 Cinnamon stick
A pinch of Coriander
40-60 Yeast “balls”

1. Dissolve the sugar and honey in half a litre of boiling water.
2. Pour the Apple juice into a clean 2 litre pop bottle.
3. Add the Cloves, Coriander and Cinnamon.
4. Carefully pour in the sugar and honey syrup from step 1.
5. Top up with cold water.
6. Add the yeast.
7. Seal with a Home Brewing Cap
8. Place somewhere warm to ferment for a couple of weeks.
9. Strain into a new bottle – try not to disturb the sediment.
10. Put somewhere cold to clear for a couple of days.
11. Enjoy hot or cold.

Tony’s Thoughts on Home Brew Juices

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“When home brewing wine why use juice from the supermarket?

Surely fresh fruit is better?

I can hear the above comments echoing from the distant past.

Newcomers to this dark art could be lulled into thinking how much purer it is to start with a freshly picked apple or plum.


Fair enough, but consider these arguments.

Have you got a fruit press – not cheap?

Have you got access to the finest quality fruit?

A punnet of raspberries at 2 for £3 from the supermarket is enough to make about half a pint of wine. A litre of apple and raspberry juice costs less than £1 and will make 4 times as much wine.

I will submit some recipes over time for you to try. However this is just to entice you into the idea of using cheap products to produce great alcoholic beverages.

My daughter has just left having tasted my grape (juice) and blackberry (ok they are free this time of year so don’t count)  Her comment – that tastes like “real” wine not “homemade”.

If you look at the back of any wine bottle there will be phrases such as “a hint of – insert various fruits here – and “a peppery taste”.

Grapes used for making wine will be made from grapes grown in different regions with different soil types etc. This gives the flavour variations.

Grape juice – in the main – will be concentrated, shipped and then re hydrated with local water.

As any beer affecionado will tell you Burton beers are different from London beers because of the water.

We can vary the “subtle hints” by mixing grape juice with other fruit juice.

Also there are alcopops and adult alcopops! We can make adult alcopops. Juices that we may not consider making “wine” out of mix well with Baccardi & Malibu. Mango and Cranberry respectively.

Brew a “wine” from either then purchase a bottle of the spirit and mix – sip not gulp! Or add lemonade.

Hint – Aldi sells cheap white rum and white rum with coconut spirit.

I hope this has whetted your appetite for using juices.

I gave up making my own wine well over 20 years ago because I no longer had the space for 5 gallon vessels. Pat Mack has  re ignited my passion. Not only because of the suggestion that you can make 2 or 3 litres at a time but also because fruit juices are now common place. This makes the process so much more reliable.

I hope this inspires some to go beyond beer and cider good as they are.




A Great Message From Tony – Homebrew Wine

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“Even 5 PM caps is not enough to keep on top if you are making wine because of the length of time it takes to ferment then mature. However the PM caps are only needed  for a short part of this process unless you want fizzy wine.

Whilst fermenting a layer of carbon dioxide protects the brew and whilst maturing a normal cap will protect. It is the bit when you are refrigerating and adding a camden tablet where the PM cap is needed to prevent unwanted visitors adding body to your wine. The PM cap will then protect the wine and prevent the bottle exploding.

For the fermenting stage cover the bottle with a piece of plastic (carrier bag cut up is perfect) secured with an elastic band below the thread. leave some loose plastic which will fill with the carbon dioxide while fermenting and start to deflate when fermentation is complete.

Then add a camden tablet and put in the fridge with the PM cap on. After a couple of days pour or syphon the wine off the sediment and replace the PM cap. Leave the PM cap on for a few days with the bottle where you would normally store it to ensure fermentation has stopped and replace the PM cap with a normal cap and allow it to mature.

Tony B”

Some good advice there Tony, thanks for that. Tony has been making some great tasting refreshing white wines using fruit juices  from Aldi and some homebrew wine made from real fruit too. I look forward to hearing more great tips and recipe ideas.

Notrum Mead

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Notrum Mead

Notrum Mead

Brewing Ingredients:

Three Litres of Water
2 jars value brand Clear Honey
1 Cup Muscavado Sugar
A pinch of Brewer’s Yeast.

Brewing Recipe:

This produces a nice dark mead with a deep almost caramel edge to the bite. Best left until fermentation has completed (a full brew of 22%). Leave it to mature like a traditional mead, loosening the homebrewing cap to let the drink go flat, also drink in small measures, not because of the strength but because it will be a very sweet drink.

By Liam Thompson

Lemony Bricket Mead

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Lemony Bricket Mead

Lemony Bricket Mead

Brewing Ingredients:

Two Litres of Water
1.5 jar value brand Clear Honey
1 Cup Sugar
1 Teacup Lift Lemon Tea
A pinch of Brewer’s Yeast.

Brewing Recipe:

Mix the ingredients into your water, stirring until all the sugar and honey has dissolved. Using warm water will make this easier. The Lift Lemon Tea has additives in which may cause trouble for the yeast in starting the fermentation process so don’t be afraid to add another pinch or two. Once the yeast has kicked off leave to brew in a safe place until the desired alcohol level has been reached.

By Liam Thompson

Alcoholic Iced Tea

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Alcoholic Iced Tea

Brewing Ingredients:

Two litres of water
6 Earl grey tea bags
6 black tea bags
2 Cups of brown sugar
A pinch of Brewer’s Yeast

Brewing Recipe:

Bring 1 litre of water to boil and add your tea bags. Leave for 20 minutes and then remove the tea bags and add the brown sugar, mixing until dissolved. Add 1 litre of cold water and then pour into an empty 2 litre plastic bottle, add your yeast and screw on your Pat Mack’s homebrewing cap.

Optional: Add a squeeze of lemon or a teaspoon of Cinnamon to the alcoholic iced tea recipe if it suits you.


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