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Beer Ingredients – Home Brew Beer Kit


Finally the long awaited Pat Mack’s Home Brewing Caps Home Brew Beer Ingredients kit is ready! Using the finest Beer Ingredients we could find and sourcing them from reliable suppliers we can now offer a very high quality beer ingredients kit for a great price.

We’ve done a lot of research and investigated many different beer ingredients suppliers for the highest quality beer ingredients, we think we’ve finally found the best.

And after developing a brewing method that’s so easy you will be making beer in your sleep, we’re finally ready to start serving the public!


This Beer Ingredients kit contains:

– 500 grams of Dry Malt Extract
– 20 grams of Cascade Hops
– 4 hopping bags and
– A concise instructions guide on how to turn your beer ingredients into great tasting beer.

The kit is also adaptable to your own personal taste. This means it is actually possible to invent your own personalised, unique, great tasting beer simply by varying the quantity of beer ingredients and adjusting a few simple details in the brewing process.

Not only can you vary the taste of the beer to your own personal preference but you can also vary the alcohol strength. For instance, you can turn your beer ingredients into a light, bubbly, frosty beer or you can make a strong, dark, hoppy ale. And you can make everything in between!


With this home brew beer ingredients kit you can comfortably make between 8 – 10 pints of top quality beer:

  • 8 pints of beer: 4.3% ABV
  • 9 pints of beer: 3.7% ABV
  • 10 pints of beer: 3.3% ABV


*You could attempt to stretch this to 11 or even 12 pints but you would potentially lose alcohol strength and the great beer flavours may weaken in the process so I recommend sticking to between 8 and 10 pints.*

 Beer ingredients Kit

*Our Beer Ingredients Kits are generally in very high demand so it’s best to get your order in early to make sure you get one.*

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