Home Brewing Caps

Impress your friends with the greatest home brewed drinks they’ve ever tasted.
It’s fast, easy and incredibly low cost!

Whether you’re into Craft Beer or you want to brew a great mulled wine recipe, making your own alcoholic drinks has never been easier. And the choices are endless!

With Home brewing Caps:

– There’s no need for lots of different tools and brewing equipment.

– The Home Brewing Caps are quick and easy to use.

– And there are no limits to the amount of great tasting drinks you can make!


“You can make almost any drink imaginable”

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You can try a great Elderberry Champagne Recipe, a Mulled Wine Recipe, a Ginger Beer Recipe. Or if you want to keep things simple we can show you the worlds easiest method for How to Make Cider and even Mulled Cider. It’s all possible with the incredibly simple multipurpose Home Brewing Cap and you can even create your own unique special brew.


“It’s simple to use, highly effective, and a really fun piece of equipment. Home Brewing has never been easier!”

So stop paying for overpriced commercial drinks at the bar and get involved in the fastest growing hobby in the world!



With a typical Home Brewing Caps Brew Kit you can:

– Brew more than 100 Litres of your favourite Beer or Cider or brew over 200 bottles of Wine or Champagne!

– You will get dozens of great easy home brew recipes including a lovely Mulled Wine Recipe and fabulous Elderflower Champagne Recipe.

– You can “nano brew” Brewing up to 3 Litres with each cap at a time so you can practice making new recipes without having to invest in lots of expensive home brewing equipment.


Home Brewing Caps can be reused more than 100 times
That means for one Cap you are only paying £0.0149 per use


But you’re not buying them because they’re cheap, you’re buying them because they’re good!

The Home Brewing Caps will fit on to 1 Litre, 2 Litre and even 3 Litre bottles so with a standard Home Brewing Caps Brew Kit containing 5 caps you can brew up to 10 – 15 litres of your favourite beer, wine and cider simultaneously using 5 standard plastic drinks bottles as your brewing containers.


Join our 5,016 happy customers and get the worlds easiest and most efficient brewing kit for as little as £2.99!

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Reasons to Try Pat Mack’s Home brewing Caps

Reason #1
. It’s incredibly fast and incredibly easy!

You could have your own tailor made Premium quality craft beer produced in 2-5 days with it’s own characteristic aromas and flavours, personalised to your unique tastes. Or you could enjoy brewing from your own vineyard quality mulled wine recipe, brewed in under 2 weeks. All you need is an empty plastic bottle, some fruit juice and your Pat Mack’s Home Brewing Caps brew kit.

Reason #2
. The Caps Will Last for Years!

So there’s no need to rush out and rebuy new home brewing caps each time you want to brew. The Home brewing Caps are reusable and have been made from the highest quality materials available. They’re easy to clean so you just wash and reuse them whenever you want to brew.

Reason #3
. It’s safe! Home brew is the healthier option.

It’s actually healthier to produce your own alcohol than it is to buy commercially made drinks. This is because you are in total control of all the ingredients that go into your drinks which means you can avoid using the harmful industry chemicals, preservatives and additives. You can even use organic fruit juices and sugars. No more terrible hang overs from drinking the highly contaminated, chemically dense commercial alcoholic drinks!

Reason #4
. Customisable Home brew flavours! Everything from How to Make Cider to a great Mulled Wine Recipe, it’s all there!

With Pat Mack’s Home brewing caps you can make almost any alcoholic drink imaginable, both carbonated and non-carbonated, and all from the comfort of your own home. We’ve got home brew recipes for everything. Try our Elderberry Champagne Recipe, our Ginger Beer Recipe or our Mulled Wine Recipe. Or if you prefer to keep things simple we can show you how to make cider and mulled cider or even design your own craft beer.

Reason #5
. No Alcohol Tax = Cheaper alcoholic drinks!

Never pay for over priced expensive drinks again! This alone could save you £100’s or £1,000’s a year. Home brewing cannot be beaten when it comes to price. With a single Pat Mack’s Home Brewing Caps brew kit you have enough brewers yeast to produce up to 300 litres of your favourite alcoholic drinks! Try and get that kind of deal anywhere else for less than a tenner!


But you don’t just have to take my word for it, why not see what Youtube’s Number One Home Brewer Craig Farraway thinks of the Home Brewing Caps in the video below.



Here’s How Easy it is to Brew with your Home Brewing Caps

1) Fill a clean, empty bottle with a mixture of your favourite juice and a little bit of sugar

home brew
2) Add a pinch of Pat Mack’s Premium Quality Home brewer’s yeast.

home brew beer
Screw on a Pat Mack’s Home brewing Cap

home brew beer


And that’s it! Just wait 2-5 days for Cider and Beer, and 6-10 days if your using our Mulled Wine Recipe and it’s ready to drink. And the longer you wait the stronger it gets!

For more specific recipes for making great wine, cider and beer check out the free home brew guide here. You can even produce drinks up to a strength of 17+%, it’s entirely up to you.

Here’s an estimated fermentation guide to how fast the yeast produces alcohol:

Day 1: 0.5% alcohol
Day 2: 2 % alcohol
Day 3: 3-4% alcohol
Day 4: 5-6% alcohol
Day 5: 7-8% alcohol
Day 6: 9% alcohol
Day 7: 10-12% alcohol
Day 8: 13-14% alcohol
Day 9: 15-16% alcohol
Day 10+: 17+% alcohol


The Try-For-Free 100% Money back Guarantee:

If you’re not happy with your Pat Mack’s Home Brewing Caps brew kit and you’re not making the quickest, simplest, best tasting alcoholic drinks that you’ve ever brewed then I will refund you 100% of the original cost including your postage. It’s completely RISK FREE!

And for a limited time only you can test a single cap out for free. To find out how click here.

Free Home Brewing Cap

So you’re either a satisfied home brewer with a very simple to use home brewing kit or you send it back to me and I will send you your money back and compensate you for your postage. There’s absolutely no risk! That’s how confident I am that you will be 100% satisfied with the purchase of your Pat Mack’s Home Brewing Caps.

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And don’t forget to check out our free home brew recipe guide download and our online home brew recipe section for all the latest home brew recipes. Learn everything from How to Make Cider to trying out our great Mulled Wine Recipe to slightly more complex brews like our Elderflower Champagne Recipe and many more!

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